August Harvest News

August is Harvest month here at The Idaho Foodbank! We are expecting Beets from Pleasant Valley Farm anytime now.

We have been packing lots of apricots and are expecting a gauntlet of peaches, apples, plums, and pears that should last up until Thanksgiving.

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Harvest July 2019 News

The farmers we work with are a very generous group and when they have good years they are always there to share their bounty, and with that usually comes product that is not excess, but fresh product made up for us or right out of their inventory. The cherry harvest is underway at the LDS Orchard. apricots are coming soon, and the LDS Orchard has set aside an entire block of apricots for us.

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July is Beef Counts Month

July is Beef Month and Beef Counts! Join us in celebration of Idaho Beef Month and the multi-generational beef ranchers, caring for Idaho lands and producing a delicious, high-quality protein. Many of the events and activities this month will focus on our partnerships with the Idaho Beef Council, Agri Beef, and the Cattlemen and Cattlewomen Associations and their efforts to support hungry Idahoans. 

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