Course/Tour Coordination; this module will provide you with a thorough understanding of how to prepare for a Cooking Matters course or tour. It will introduce the resources provided below and also explain host agency selection, volunteering training, and course/tour materials preparation.

Before watching the video please review the following documents as they will be referred to in the video presentation.

Cooking Matter Timeline
Cooking Matters Gold Standards
Cooking Matter Timeline

Two Satellite Models

You may have space within your organization to host Cooking Matters classes, but most Satellite Partners do not. These partners rely on Agency Partners (Host Agencies) in their community to recruit participants and provide a location that includes a kitchen and prep space.

Model 1: Satellite Partner runs classes at their location with their clientele.

  • For example, a pantry is the Agency Partner and classes are held at the pantry.

Model 2: Satellite Partner partners with other organizations to implement Cooking Matters Courses and/or tours. The Satellite will still be under the supervision of The Idaho Foodbank, but will be primarily responsible for coordinating classes/tours with the “Partner Host Agency”

  • For example, Satellite Partner is a church and partners with local community pantries or health care clinics to implement Cooking Matters Classes/tours.

Before Course

Cooking Matters Course Tour/Order Form

Cooking Matters Course/Tour Order Form

Go to Form

Before Course Checklist and FAQs

If working with a Host Agency
Have the agency fill out a New Host Agency Application and Provide the Partner Host Agency FAQ’s sheet

If you decide to work with the Host Agency, you will have to the agency fill out the Host Agency Partner Agreement and then conduct a Site Visit prior to the start of the course:

Schedule a course by clicking on this link: Course/Tour Registration and Order Form. Gravity Form Here Please plan ahead and allow 4 weeks for materials to arrive.

During Course

For waivers, the attendance sheet, surveys, and course information cards go to the Evaluation and Reporting Page

Curriculum Overview

These Curriculum Overviews provide a chart with each lesson and the objectives that must be covered in that lesson along with suggested recipes and nutrition activities.

The SAMPLE agendas will give you an idea of how a class is typically laid out. These are just a guideline to follow and certain activities will be different depending on size of class and curriculum.

Shopping and Equipment

Please follow the Grocery Shopping Guidelines for CM Courses

The CM Recipe Multiplier may be helpful while creating grocery lists for your classes.

The SAMPLE Equipment Bin Packing Checklist may be helpful as you pack equipment for each CM course.

After Course

Once your course is completed, you have two weeks submit the End of Course Reporting Form or the Cooking Matters at the Store Reporting Form:

End of Course Reporting Form

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End of Tour Reporting Form

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Timeline Progress

Cooking Matters Coordination Timeline

Course Coordination


Curriculum, scheduling courses/tours, recruitment and working with host sites.

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Evaluation & Reporting


Survey administration and required forms for Cooking Matters programming.

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Volunteer Coordination


Course materials to help recruit, train, and retain volunteers.

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