Prime Time Auctions

Organization NamePrime Time Auctions
Is your drive open to the public?Yes
The Name of The Food DriveWe Can Do It! Prime Time Auctions Food Drive 2021
Start Date11/01/2021
End Date11/20/2021
Food Drive Information

Help anyway you CAN and Prime Time Auctions will double your efforts! We will match $1 per pound of food donated. Stop by our headquarters location, 2221 S. 5th in Pocatello any time during normal business hours to donate. We CAN do it!

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Date Submitted10/20/2021
Online Fund DriveIf you'd like to host an online fund drive with your company logo with a unique URL on The Idaho Foodbanks's website, you will need to supply additional information on another form. IF you are only planning to collect funds at your food drive, do not indicate that you wish to create an online drive.