On Idaho Gives Day this year you can support The Idaho Foodbank by making a donation or by participating as a “peer to peer” fundraiser. The concept is similar to a “Go Fund Me” campaign – set up a simple fundraiser on Idaho Gives in your name and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to contribute by letting them know via email and through social media.

Fundraising for The Idaho Foodbank

  1. Mark your calendar for May 3rd. 
  2. Change your profile picture and use the video or one of the graphics on this page.
  3. Spread the word. Talk about Idaho Gives with friends, family, and colleagues. Email your friends. Post about on it Facebook or share one of the posts from our Facebook Page. Tweet about it or retweet one of ours from our Twitter Page.

For more tips, view and download the PDF guide below.

Idaho Gives

Help us reach our goal! Art and Michelle Beale have graciously offered $10,000 as a match partner this year for Idaho Gives Day. Donations from your fundraising efforts will be matched $1 for $1.

If you would like to use this video clip, copy this code: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roEigeZKIR8