Nutrition and Recipes

This is a resource where our partners and the people we work with can find nutritional information as well as recipes that are friendly to any budget.

We have been pleased to see an increase in donations of nutrient rich, wholesome foods. That’s especially important because children represent a large percentage of those we serve. We know good nutrition is essential to successful learning, proper physical growth and future health.

Those in poverty face many challenges. Getting basic nutrition is a significant hurdle and The Idaho Foodbank is working to ease those challenges. One of our most popular programs, Cooking Matters provides hands-on instruction, food and practical ideas for shopping and preparing healthy meals on a tight budget.

Fall Apple Harvest and Recipes

Weather conditions led to an abundant apple harvest this year in Idaho. The Idaho Foodbank works with many Treasure Valley fruit growers and we have received several large donations in the past couple of weeks. Apples are one of the most healthy fresh foods we distribute and are great to eat for snacks.

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Plum Quinoa Smoothie

Smoothie Recipe Rushed for time in the morning? No worries. Thanks to all the beautiful stone fruits that are in season, this smoothie makes a delicious, protein-packed, super-easy breakfast! Ingredients: 1/2 Banana, large frozen 1 Plum, large ripe pitted and cut into chunks 1 cup Almond milk, unsweetened 1/4 cup Quinoa, cooked 1/4 tsp Cinnamon […]

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Jicama Lime Salad Recipe

As families prepare for kids to head back to school, they’re still doing what they can keep things cool and simple. If that sounds good to you, you’ll love the simplicity (six ingredients!) and preparation (no heat!) of this salad.

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Tips From Our Dietitian: Immune System Boosters

Our dietitian Alexa has a lot of great things to share. This month, she’s shedding light on something a lot of us are thinking of: how can we boost our immune system and avoid that seasonal cold? Good, quality nutrition is key to a strong immune system, which can offer protection from seasonal illnesses like […]

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Tips from Our Dietitian: Fiber

Fiber is an essential nutrient, however, most Americans fall under the recommended daily amount in their diets. It is recommended that women consume 25 grams of fiber per day, while men should consume 38 grams (or 21 and 30 grams daily, respectively, for those over the age of 50). Fiber helps prevent: Heart disease: Fiber may […]

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Tips from our Dietitian: Snacking

So, is snacking bad for adults or children? Definitely not! Snacks can help one stay focused at school or work and provide needed nutrients and keep one from getting hungry throughout the day. Our dietitian Alexa has the following tips about how to snack in a way that’s healthy and supportive of your health! To […]

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Tips From Our Dietitian: Fruit As Snacks

Our dietitian Alexa has shared some great tips for using your late summer fruit as a healthy snack for the summer and the early school year. We all know how difficult it can be to find good snacks for your kids when they get home from school. With these picks, the new school year will […]

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Tips From Our Dietitian: Grilling Healthy Food

Warmer weather means it’s time to get out of the kitchen and fire up the barbecue. While grilled foods are packed with flavor, the way you prepare them can have a big impact on how healthy they are. Our dietitian Alexa has some tips to keep your grilled food healthy. Follow these simple steps for […]

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