Nutrition and Recipes

This is a resource where our partners and the people we work with can find nutritional information as well as recipes that are friendly to any budget.

We have been pleased to see an increase in donations of nutrient rich, wholesome foods. That’s especially important because children represent a large percentage of those we serve. We know good nutrition is essential to successful learning, proper physical growth and future health.

Those in poverty face many challenges. Getting basic nutrition is a significant hurdle and The Idaho Foodbank is working to ease those challenges. One of our most popular programs, Cooking Matters provides hands-on instruction, food and practical ideas for shopping and preparing healthy meals on a tight budget.

Avocado Toast

Fats and Nutrition

Avocados are a great source of unsaturated fats that can go great on toast, tacos, and even used as a dip for veggies or chips! In celebration of March being National Nutrition Month we want to highlight some of the awesome things nutrition can offer for you.

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Soup Time

New Year Nutrition: Do It for the Health of It

New Year’s resolutions? Some are great and others could use some tweaking. If you are excited to start your new diet this year, let me give you some reasons to rethink this and some tips to make healthy changes in the New Year that have nothing to do with your weight along with some new recipes!

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Healthy Holidays – Tips and Recipes

Whatever a healthy holiday season means for you, The Idaho Foodbank’s team of nutritionists and dietitians are excited to share their favorite tips, tricks and tidbits of knowledge to help make your winter months happy and healthy.

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Plum Quinoa Smoothie

Rushed for time in the morning? No worries. Thanks to all the beautiful stone fruits that are in season, this smoothie makes a delicious, protein-packed, super-easy breakfast!

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Jicama Lime Salad Recipe

As families prepare for kids to head back to school, they’re still doing what they can keep things cool and simple. If that sounds good to you, you’ll love the simplicity (six ingredients!) and preparation (no heat!) of this salad.

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The Season of Leafy Greens

The darker the leaves, the more nutrient-rich the lettuce. Summer is almost here and we have some tasty tips for spicing up your salad and enjoying those healthy greens.

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School Pantry

Stocking Up On Healthy Choices

The Idaho Foodbank is the state’s largest distributor of free food assistance and it’s currently working on increasing access to more nutritious food. In an effort to provide more fresh fruits and vegetables to children and their families, The Foodbank’s fresh produce pilot will supplement the food already provided through the Backpack and School Pantry […]

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Tips From Our Dietitian: Fruit As Snacks

Our dietitian Alexa has shared some great tips for using your late summer fruit as a healthy snack for the summer and the early school year. We all know how difficult it can be to find good snacks for your kids when they get home from school. With these picks, the new school year will […]

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Tips From Our Dietitian: Grilling Healthy Food

Warmer weather means it’s time to get out of the kitchen and fire up the barbecue. While grilled foods are packed with flavor, the way you prepare them can have a big impact on how healthy they are. Our dietitian Alexa has some tips to keep your grilled food healthy. Follow these simple steps for […]

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