Stinker Stores set new record for fund drive

BOISE – Just in time to kick off a month of giving and generosity, Stinker Stores are delivering a record-breaking gift to families in Idaho.

From November 6 to the 16, customers at Stinker locations all over our state were asked if they wanted to add a donation to The Idaho Foodbank. As they have since the 2011 launch of the drive, the generous people of Idaho stepped up and made the fundraiser a success. Customers donated $49,107 and Stinker Stores owners Charley and Nancy Jones matched donations with an extra $20,000. Together, the donations of $69,107 are enough to provide the food for 276,428 meals.

This year’s total crushes a record set last year when the drive totaled $54,110.

“Our Stinker employees and generous customers always amaze me when we set out to help fellow Idahoans enjoy the holidays by making sure they have plenty of healthy food to enjoy,” said Mike Russell, Stinker Stores Operations Director. “When the Foodbank shared the need for the 2015 holiday season, our team set out to break another record and they again exceeded our expectations. Truly incredible!”

In this month’s drive, Boise’s Stinker Store location on the corner of Ustick and Five Mile Rd. led the way with $2,208 raised by its customers. Fifteen stores across the state raised more than $1,000 apiece.

Stinker is also a major sponsor — through fuel donations — of the Foodbank’s Grocery Alliance Program. GAP brings in food donated by grocery stores that is near its sell-by date. The Foodbank’s GAP trucks, with fuel assistance from Stinker, are able to distribute the food quickly to partners, who in turn get it to hungry families.

“Every year of this drive gets more impressive.” said Karen Vauk, President and CEO of The Idaho Foodbank. “The customers and associates of Stinker Stores have really stepped up as partners in solving hunger. The effort and passion put into this drive is reflected by the total donation.”