Picnic in the Park

Enjoy a healthy meal and fun activities, Monday through Friday. Free to all Children ages 1-18. Adults may purchase a lunch for a small charge.

Together We Can Solve Hunger

The Idaho Foodbank is an independent, donor-supported, nonprofit organization founded in 1984, and is the largest food bank and distributor of free food assistance in Idaho. From warehouses in Boise, Lewiston and Pocatello, the Foodbank distributes food for millions of meals each year through a network of over 400 community-based partners across the state.


Beef Counts for all Families

July is beef month in Idaho and The Idaho Foodbank is educating the public on the nutritional value of lean protein. More than 1.5 million 3 oz. servings of beef have been distributed through the Beef Counts program in an effort to ‘Give Hunger the Boot.’ This campaign helps feed hungry Idahoans like Vanessa, who […]

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July is Beef Month in Idaho

July is beef month in Idaho! Many of the events and activities this month will focus on our partnerships with the Idaho Beef Council, Agri Beef, and the Cattlemen and Cattlewomen Associations and their efforts to support hungry Idahoans.

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Steak and Vegetable Kabob Summer Recipe

For many Idahoans, summer time means grill time. As part of beef month, our talented dietitian Alexa has shared a delicious recipe with beef and veggie kabobs that go straight from freezer to grill.

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