Idaho Foodbank News

Losing Weight – Gaining Confidence: Meet Jerry

If you’ve ever wondered why cooking matters, look no further than Jerry, a student in The Idaho Foodbank’s Cooking Matters class. From helping with cholesterol levels to losing almost 80 pounds, Jerry has learned a lot about the benefits of cooking. “I thought health nuts were coo coo,” he said. “But I kind of see myself turning into one. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of the program.”

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Albertsons and Boise State Kick off Another Season of “Sacks for Hunger” for The Idaho Foodbank

Albertsons is once again teaming with Boise State football with its yearly tradition of “Sacks for Hunger,” a unique way to raise funds to help provide food for the roughly 179,000 people The Idaho Foodbank serves each month. For each sack the Broncos defense tallies this season, Albertsons will donate $500, up to $20,000 for the season.

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Jicama Lime Salad Recipe

As families prepare for kids to head back to school, they’re still doing what they can keep things cool and simple. If that sounds good to you, you’ll love the simplicity (six ingredients!) and preparation (no heat!) of this salad.

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