Idaho Foodbank Staff

Idaho Foodbank Management Team 208-336-9643
Karen Vauk President and CEO
Craig Johnson Chief Financial Officer
Jackie Yarbrough VP of Partnerships and Programs
Janine Domico Director of Human Resources
Jim Beitz VP of Operations
Morgan Wilson VP Development
Boise Office Southwestern Idaho 208-336-9643
Admir Selimovic Nutrition Education Coordinator
Alexa Barney Nutrition Services Coordinator
Amy Mitchell Applications Support Supervisor
Bhuvana Srikanteswaran Accounting Specialist
Bonnie Holtzclaw Receptionist
Carly Metcalf Nutrition Education Specialist
Carlyn Blake Development Manager
Chico McKinney Special Projects Manager
Christine Dwello Corporate and Community Relations
Corey Day Distribution Desk
Courtney Thompson Programs Coordinator
Craig Cain Inventory Control Supervisor
Dianne Burnette CSFP Data Entry Assistant
Don Brown Food Sourcing Developer
Doug Spahr Warehouse/Trucking
Greg Roegiers SW Idaho Distribution Manager
Janet Rising Assistant Controller
Jane McLaughlin Volunteer Programs Coordinator
Jay Armstrong Warehouse Specialist
Jamie Dillon Marketing and Communications Manager
Jennifer Erickson Food Safety & Compliance Manager
Karen Buffelen Senior Accountant
Kimberly Empey Agency Relations Specialist
Kyle Silverman Nutrition Services Manager
Lynn Dill Food Sourcing Manager
Luis Islas Development Coordinator
Mark Ellsworth Web Development Coordinator
Mary Ann Liby Agency Relations Supervisor
Michael Shumann Grant Coordinator
Nikki Shull HR Specialist
Pat Kriley Systems and Applications Director
Rhoda Hall Gift and Mail Processing Assistant
Samantha Darrin Nutrition Services, VISTA
Sean Long Warehouse Specialist/Order Puller
Tori Matthies Food Sourcing Coordinator
Vonda Pattee Compliance Specialist
Wendy Freckleton Executive & HR Assistant
Whitney Slade Public Relations and Government Affairs
Lewiston Office North Central Distribution 208-746-2288
Deborah Snyder North Idaho Branch Manager
Ashley Hogan Receptionist
Dan Anderson Warehouse Specialist/Driver I
Jannelle Gibbs Nutrition Education Specialist
Laura Lumley Development Coordinator
Sara Hill Operations Support Specialist
Vernon Hammond Warehouse Specialist/Driver
Pocatello Office Eastern Distribution 208-233-8811
Adam Walker Eastern Idaho Branch Manager
Bob McDonald Driver II
Cecelia Watson Nutrition Education Specialist
Gabriella Carollo Receptionist
Jacob Carothers Driver
Jonna Boote Development Coordinator
Ken Field Warehouse Coordinator
Kia Shaw Operations Support Supervisor
Shaela Litzau Program Support Specialist

Employment Opportunities at The Idaho Foodbankjay

The Idaho Foodbank (IFB) seeks motivated and flexible individuals driven by the needs and goals of a nonprofit organization. Those who are passionate about IFB’s mission, who have integrity and want to be rewarded, succeed in our organization.

We look for candidates who value:

  • Innovation – We seek individuals who bring fresh and creative viewpoints to fundraising, program services, fiscal responsibility, and problem-solving.
  • Change – The food bank industry is continuously evolving and the needs of the community are ever-changing. We need candidates who recognize, adapt, and are responsive to meet the needs of our surrounding communities and hunger-relief issues.
  • Diversity – We are committed to recognizing the variety of characteristics that make people unique at IFB as well as those we serve by promoting individual and collective achievement.

We strive to create a team in our family-oriented work environment. This applies to our work culture that promotes core values such as: doing what needs to be done; doing what is right with urgency; stewarding and leveraging resources with integrity and transparency; respecting diversity of individuals’ thoughts and viewpoints, and celebrating passion for our world and the people who live in it.

Thank you for considering The Idaho Foodbank!

Click here to find current job openings and application forms.

Main Warehouse and Administrative Offices

  • 208-336-9643
  • 208-336-9692 (FAX)
  • 3562 South TK Avenue
    Boise, ID 83705-5278
  • Hours: 8-5 Mon-Fri

North Central Idaho Branch

  • 208-746-2288*
  • 208-746-2291 (FAX)
  • 3331 10th St.
    Lewiston, ID 83501
  • Hours: 7-3:30 Mon-Fri

Eastern Idaho Branch

  • 208-233-8811*
  • 208-233-4612 (FAX)
  • 555 S. First Avenue
    Pocatello, Idaho 83201-6558
  • Hours: 8-4:30 Mon-Fri

*Please call our main office if you have trouble getting through to the branches.