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10 Healthy Thanksgiving Tips


If you are going to a party and are worried about which options they will have available, bring the healthy dish — the dish that you know you can rely on for your healthier option


Don’t skip breakfast or lunch just because you plan to eat at an event in the evening. The concept of “saving calories” doesn’t work and you will end up feeling famished by the time you allow yourself to eat and likely indulge a little more than you anticipated. It’s not worth it. Make healthy choices before the event and you’re far less likely to overdo it.


This might sound silly, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by temptation, excuse yourself for five or ten minutes to breathe. Focus on your breath and re-center yourself to deal with the situation. Having a few moments to reconnect with yourself can help keep you in line with the plan you’ve set out for yourself.


Most of us don’t get enough water each day and with the added excitement of the holidays, drinking alcohol only makes us more dehydrated. You don’t have to cut out drinking alcohol entirely, just be sure to drink water between drinks and be mindful of the drinks you do take.


When it comes to creating meals or treats for the holidays, our healthy choices often end once the stove or oven turns on. Try to make some healthy swaps by using natural sweeteners instead of sugar in baked goods. Swap out whipped cream for whipped coconut milk on your pie, and try to “sneak” in some healthier sweet potatoes or squash with your mashed potatoes. These are just a few ideas – get creative!


Remember that just because it’s a holiday, it doesn’t mean that portions don’t exist. Portions are the same on holidays and at holiday events as they are any other day of the year. Load up on veggies and lighten up the other areas of your plate.


Many of us can be hard on ourselves this time of year. Stay realistic about your health goals. This probably isn’t the right time to be trying to lose weight – maintaining weight is a much more realistic goal for anyone. Stick to your consistent eating and exercise schedule and make sure you’re doing some good things for yourself too.


If you overindulge at one event, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to start a crash diet just because you had one too many pieces of pie. Every time you pick up your fork is a new opportunity to change your eating habits – pick it up and move forward with healthy choices.


If you plan to attend events where you know there will be tables upon tables of holiday cookies or tempting foods, make sure you eat beforehand or come with a healthy snack in your bag or car to rely on. When you have a healthy choice available to you at all times, it becomes that much easier to make it in tough situations.


It is the holiday season after all –so enjoy yourself and family! The key to remember about indulging is to be fully mindful when you are. This means focusing in on the flavors, texture, smell, and every other little thing you love about it. When you’re mindful of the experience, even a little can go a long way.