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A Message to our Foodbank Friends

woman and child

Dear Friends,

This is a challenging and troubling time. Not acknowledging the seriousness of what we are seeing play out across our country and our state will only add to the problem. The Foodbank has a history of meeting community problems head on. This is different but the importance of dignity, integrity and equity remain the same. We must hear and see the sorrow of the black community and all marginalized communities as frustrations come to a head and pour into the streets.

We applaud the protestors and police in our state for holding peaceful events to raise the voices of the black community and our minority communities across the state. Only together can our society begin on a path to real and lasting healing, giving all individuals and families the opportunity to thrive.

The Idaho Foodbank is committed to serving communities now and always in partnership with leaders from all walks of life. Our unique place in the state through our partnerships with cities, state departments and nonprofits affords us the opportunity and responsibility to be part of creating positive change.

We look to our values to guide us toward a more just future:

  • Integrity – We take responsibility for our words, are accountable for our actions and demonstrate honesty.
  • Dignity – We treat our clients, partners, volunteers, donors and coworkers with respect, empathy and compassion without bias or judgment. We welcome and value the differences in all people.
  • Agility – We promote an organizational culture that encourages new ideas, improvements, flexibility and innovations, and turns challenges into opportunities.
  • Collaboration – We promote partnerships that engage individuals and organizations focused on the common goal of a hunger-free Idaho.

Each of our team members, donors and volunteers have a personal “why” they are part of the Foodbank family – and at the heart of that “why” are people. You have shown care each day as you rose to the challenges of COVID. Now, perhaps more than ever, we must continue to rise to the challenge. To honestly listen and reflect on our work, the impact we are having in all communities, and address the changes we need to make to equitably serve our state and be part of creating a space for people from all walks of life to thrive.

We can and must do more to be inclusive and to be a positive voice for those we serve and partner with. This is not the end of the discussion, but an opportunity to continue a dialogue.

Karen Vauk
President and CEO, The Idaho Foodbank