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CSFP Update 3-19-2020

CSFP Update

IFB is planning to utilize double issuances where possible. Idaho has received permission to distribute two boxes at a time in April, covering the months of April and May of service. This will minimize the number of distributions we have, and prevent seniors from having to leave their houses multiple times to access their food box. We understand that many of you are limited on space and capacity and this is not a realistic solution for everyone. Please communicate to us whether or not you would like to issue two CSFP boxes (for April and May) per participant during April, or if you would prefer to only issue one like normal.

In response to the virus, and in the interest of protecting volunteers and staff as well as participants, the State of Idaho is relaxing signature requirements. Beginning in April, in lieu of signatures, participant lists will be utilizing check marks instead of requiring signatures. Once participants have verified their identity, staff and volunteers will mark off that the participant received their food package with a checkmark or initials.

Also beginning in April, Idaho has approved the use of emergency proxies. We have attached a special emergency proxy form to use during this time, and participants will be able to verbally confirm their proxies to you, rather than having to fill out the regular paperwork and return it.

With the checkmarks in place, and with the emergency proxies approved, we are trying to cut down on shared materials between participants and staff/volunteers. Please, only have 1 person handling clipboards and pens at a time, and have them handle the paperwork rather than having multiple staff or participants handling materials. Ensure that participants do not bunch up closely together and instead maintain a distance of 6-8 feet from each other to prevent getting sick or being exposed. When possible, it may be prudent to have participants remain in their cars and to confirm their identity and load the box directly into their vehicle in order to reduce contact between participants and volunteers.

Please let us know as well if you anticipate any closures, or reduced hours in response to current events. Let us also know what challenges you’re running into (capacity, space, volunteers) and we’ll do what we are able to help.
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Emergency Proxy Form PDF