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Eating Right with Less Added Sugars

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March is Nutrition Month, and we are posting a series of healthy living articles and recipes with downloadable PDFs with content from our friends at Eat Right, Cooking Matters and other reliable sources. We wish to thank Regence BlueShield of Idaho for this effort and sponsoring a very generous $1 for $1 match for donation in March.

Eating Right with Less Added Sugars

Sugar is found naturally in some foods and drinks, like fruit and milk, but it is also added to many of them. Added sugars give these items a sweet taste. Most Americans get too many calories from added sugars and over time this may affect their weight and health.

Many people think of desserts as the main source of added sugars, but many foods and drinks may contain added sugars. For example, sweetened drinks like regular soft drinks, some fruit drinks and energy drinks are all sources of added sugars. Snack foods, like crackers, and even ready-to-eat foods, like pizza and pasta sauces, can be made with added sugars. Some people may also add sugar to what they eat and drink, like sprinkling sugar over cereal or pouring flavored creamer in coffee.

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