Cause Marketing/Events, Food Drives, and Online Fund Drive Forms 

During the busy holiday time, it’s best to check and see if your event/food drive/cause marketing has already been published:

Go to:

Hope for the Holidays 2019

Holiday Food Drives

Fund drives are not usually public, and we treat those on a case-by case basis. If a fund drive form has been submitted, Gift processing sets up the donation form and Marcomm sets up the page, so sometimes it takes a little longer than usual.

Filling out the Forms

For internal use, the Cause Marketing form is the best choice. You can use this to request an event be put on the Events Calendar. The Events Calendar works best for one or two-day events, and we use it particularly to promote major happenings like Empty Bowls. Generally, if it is a promotion that stretches out over more than a couple of weeks, it will end up on the “Partner Promotions” or “Dine Shop Live” pages, but it depends on how involved we are with it.

Note: Don’t worry about filling out every field in the Cause Marketing Form. There are required fields. But, if it’s not relevant, don’t include it. If you can’t find a logo, we will find one. URLS to Facebook pages, calendars and company pages are very helpful.

Forms are linked below:


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