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Nutrition for Your Heart Health

February is American Heart Month, a time when we can focus on our cardiovascular health. In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women. The new year is a great time to look at ways to improve heart health, such as increasing physical activity, making healthy food swaps, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress.  

Simple food swaps can have a significant impact on our health. To follow a heart healthy diet, select foods low in sodium, fat, cholesterol, and added sugars. Throughout February, try some of the simple swaps below:  

  • Purchase low-sodium canned foods such as beans, tuna, tomato sauce, soups, and other vegetables. If low-sodium or “no salt added” canned vegetables are not available, simply rinse them before use to lower the sodium content.  
  • Choose canned fruits that are packed in water or 100% juice instead of those packed in sugary syrups.  
  • Use poultry and fish instead of red meat to lower fat in the diet.  
  • Look for whole grains as they contain more fiber, which helps to lower cholesterol.  

Preparing meals from scratch rather than buying convenience or pre-made foods can be helpful in managing a healthy diet. To learn more about cardiovascular health and to find delicious recipes like this Turkey and Bean Tostada with Salsa, visit the American Heart Association