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Helping Out In The Kitchen

Cooking Matters

With summer here, families all over Idaho are spending more time together. Parks are filled with parents and children playing and enjoying the warmer weather.

One such family is Cierah’s. Even during the school year, she takes every opportunity to spend time with her mom. While other children seize dinnertime as an opportunity to watch TV and do homework, Cierah joins her mother in the kitchen. It’s an activity she plans to do even more this summer after graduating from her Cooking Matters Course.

“I like to help my mom cook,” Cierah says. “The class was fun because I like cooking and I thought it would help me cook better. Now, different ideas pop into my head because I know new things.”

Sometimes, Cierah’s family makes pre-determined meals, but since taking the class, they’ve changed things up a bit. Now, they’ll occasionally pick healthy ingredients and try and compete to make the best dish. It’s a fun way to get nutrition and encourage Cierah’s new talent in the kitchen.

“I make better choices about what I eat and that makes me feel better,” Cierah says. “I know about how much I should have of each food group. I think it’s going to help me because now I know so much about cooking and it’ll help me when I’m older to stay healthy.”

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