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Inspirational Volunteers – Armentrout & White

Brittany Armentrout and Theo White and their children have been regular volunteers at The Idaho Foodbank’s Lewiston location for several years. When they got married in May of this year, their guests did not hesitate when Brittany and Theo asked for donations to The Idaho Foodbank in lieu of gifts. Brittany said, “Both Theo and I have been living on our own for a very long time. Traditionally, wedding gifts were meant to jumpstart a young couple’s house. We already had two of everything. During the start of COVID, we watched the lines forming in the larger cities and knew the demands on our food bank would be increasing as well.“

“When we got engaged in July of 2020, we decided as soon as we could get married, we would be taking donations for The Idaho Foodbank instead of gifts.”  

Volunteering in Lewiston

When asked what was the motivation for volunteering, Theo said, “I wanted to show the kids that we can make a difference and help people in need and that it doesn’t take a lot of our time to make a difference.” Why do they continue to volunteer? “We keep volunteering because there is a need. If we were in need, The Idaho Foodbank would be there to help us, too. ‘When you have extra, build a longer table, not a taller fence.’”