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Nutrition Reminders for the Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, we think about the different cultural traditions that we celebrate with family and friends. Culture influences ingredients used, cooking techniques, and ultimately one’s diet. For example, Asian cultures often use ingredients such as cabbage, radishes, and ginger and Latino cultures often use ingredients such as cilantro, corn, and beans. For this holiday season, here are some tips and tricks when shopping for food items for a variety of cultural traditions. When looking for canned vegetables, try to choose low-sodium products. You can also rinse the canned produce before using them in order to reduce sodium. When reading the nutrition label, try to limit consumption of added sugars. When particular kinds of fruits and vegetables are not in season, you can look for substitutes that are. In-season produce is cheaper and contains better nutritional value.  

This recipe for parmesan scalloped potatoes contains a few ingredients that are cost-effective and easy to find at any store. It is also a warm and delicious meal to have during cold weather!