Sacks for Hunger is Back

Albertsons has once again teamed up with Boise State football with its yearly tradition of “Sacks for Hunger,” a unique way to raise funds to help provide food for the roughly 179,000 people The Idaho Foodbank serves each month. For every sack the Boise State football team makes, Albertsons will donate $500 to the Foodbank, which can provide food for up to 2,500 meals.

A sack is when a quarterback, or a player acting as an offensive passer, is tackled before the line of scrimmage.

On Saturday, August 31, The Boise State Broncos beat Florida State 36-31 in an exciting season opener. Boise State had four sacks, enough to provide food for up to 10,000 meals.

Boise State Broncos 2019 Season

DateOpponentTotal Sacks
8/31/2019Florida State4.0
9/14/2019Portland State6.0


Sacks to Date