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Spring into Gardening!

As we head into spring, it’s a wonderful time to start gardening. Gardening is a cost-effective way to grow your own produce and herbs at home. Fresh produce and herbs can be utilized in cooking to add flavor as well as micronutrients. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Additionally, because herbs are flavorful, they can be used in place of salt when cooking. This helps decrease the sodium content, which can assist in lowering blood pressure.  

Gardening does not require a large amount of land. In fact, it can be done inside your home in small containers or outside in garden pots. A benefit of gardening indoors is the availability of fresh produce year-round. Tomatoes, peppers, leafy greens, and herbs can easily be grown in home. All you need is a container, soil, and seeds of your choice. Simply fill the container with soil, plant the seeds according to the package instructions, and water as often as recommended on the package instructions. When gardening outdoors, temperature and sunlight will be key factors affecting the growth of your plants. If the weather is too cold, you can start the seeds inside and move them outdoors once it warms up! 

At the grocery store, fresh herbs tend to be expensive. Growing them at home is a budget friendly option as the plants will continue to grow and bear fruit over time. Additionally, SNAP benefits (also referred to as food stamps) can be used at grocery stores and some Farmers Markets to purchase seeds and plants that produce food. Fresh herbs and produce plants, such as basil or tomatoes, are a great choice to buy because they can be used immediately and will last much longer than fresh produce that has already been harvested. This spring, try starting your own garden for cost-effective, healthy produce and herbs!