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  • Eastern Idaho Branch

Upcoming Events in Pocatello! 

March is an exciting time of the year for The Idaho Foodbank. Not only does it bring spring, and warmer weather, but this month also brings a lot of exciting events. Two of these events will take place in the Pocatello region.  

The first major event in Pocatello this month is the Empty Bowls fundraiser. For the fundraiser, the ISU Clay Club is providing handmade bowls that can be purchased with a $25 donation and filled with a hearty soup dinner. The event will take place in person on Friday, March 8th at Westside Players. There will be live entertainment and a silent art auction. All proceeds will help The Foodbank fight hunger in the local community. Last year, Empty Bowls in Pocatello raised enough funds to provide food for over 13,000 meals. 

The second fundraiser going on this month is a campaign called Feeding the 5,000, organized by The Portneuf Valley Interfaith Fellowship. The initiative aims to combat hunger and strengthen community bonds through a series of events, including a kickoff concert, candlelight vigil, and food drive, among others. These events are open to everyone in the community, regardless of religious affiliation. You can check the schedule of events here: Feeding the 5000 – The Idaho Foodbank