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A Bounty of Generosity

Harvest season is the time of year when we all enjoy fruits and vegetables at the peak of freshness. At The Idaho Foodbank, harvest reminds us of the value of fresh produce in living a healthy life, as well as the generosity of our Idaho growers. Over one-third of the food we provided in fiscal year 2021 were fruits and vegetables.

The Idaho Foodbank’s mission is not just about calories – it is about nutrition. Providing nutritious foods to Idahoans in need is a central component of The Idaho Foodbank’s mission. The availability of nutritious food is an important part of a person’s overall health. In fiscal year 2021, 87 percent of the food distributed by The Idaho Foodbank was considered nutritious. This would not be possible without the generosity of Idaho growers who donate an abundance of fresh produce. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a key part of a nutritious diet, so these donations are also an important component of The Idaho Foodbank’s Hunger to Health strategy.

The Idaho Foodbank is grateful to local food donors – including Blue Barn Produce, South Wind Farms, The Berry Ranch, Tamura Farms and White Wave – just to name a few. Donations from local growers and producers were not exclusive to the last year – they have always been important supporters of food banks. The generosity of Idaho’s agriculture community is a huge part of why quality fruits and vegetables are available to Idahoans in need.

From cherries and apricots to zucchini and plums, the fresh bounty from this year’s harvest will be shared with all Idahoans, including those who need a helping hand.

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Harvest is also the perfect time to enjoy a Farmer’s Market. The Salvation Army in Boise, a partner of The Idaho Foodbank, started a monthly Farmer’s Market for the summer that serves those in need. This is an excellent way for people who are struggling to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.