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Girl Scouts and United Dairymen of Idaho Team Up to Give Back

Girl Scouts of Silver Sage have been selling Girl Scout Cookies for decades. For many customers this is a can’t miss sale that only lasts a short time — from Jan. 15 to March 13 — and the one time a year they can get their hands on a box of Thin Mints or Samoas. Along with the sale, there has always been an option for customers to donate a box of Girl Scout Cookies through the Cookies from the Heartprogram. Girl Scouts of Silver Sage donates these boxes to the Idaho Foodbank to help those in need.

This year United Dairymen of Idaho is partnering with Girl Scouts of Silver Sage to make that donation go one step further. For every box donated to the Cookies from the Heart program, United Dairymen of Idaho will donate one gallon of milk, as well, giving customers an opportunity to double the impact of their charitable contribution. A $4.00 purchase will provide a box of Girl Scout Cookies and one gallon of milk to the Idaho Foodbank to help fight hunger in Idaho.

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