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Lemonade Stand Operators Share Proceeds

Brianna and Joseph came by with a donation for The Idaho Foodbank with money they had generated from their summer lemonade stand. “I want to help hungry kids because they can’t…

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Ken’s story

Ken says he remembers the moment well. He was flabbergasted. He was upset. Even working full time at a local call center, the bills were piling up. A stroke of…

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Tiara Shares Her Story

A story that is all too common at the Foodbank. A young family doing everything right encounters something unexpected, but because of the support of our donors, the family perseveres and gets back on track. Donors do make a difference. Read More

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Helping Each Other

When you’re hungry and thinking about where you are getting that next meal, it can be hard to concentrate on getting other things done like getting a car running so you can go find work. Last Tuesday we got a call from the Veteran’s Administration from one of the workers asking about getting food for one of their clients, wondering where to send him.

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